Wedding Suits Melbourne


So, you’re getting married. You know how many things that you, as a couple, need to co-ordinate for that one BIG day! Practicality, cost-effectiveness and a certain minimum standard are required. With that in mind, for the Groom & Groomsmen, Andre J provides some of the most Affordable Wedding Suits in Melbourne backed by Tailor-Quality, Suit Alterations, On-Site!

We challenge you to find the same quality and practicality anywhere else, at the same affordable prices, all under one roof!

Basically, you are getting close to a made-to-measure suit at the cost of an off-the-rack retail suit, right here, in Melbourne! Choose from pure wool suits to a more affordable wool blend; everything is geared to suit your budget and to provide you with better bang for your buck!

Your additional benefits when getting your Wedding Suit from Andre J are: expert, tailor-style advice on choosing the right size; knowing which fabrics suit your purpose; and the fact that all your accessories can also be purchased within our shop.

For all the younger distinguished gentlemen attending their school formal, you will find that the above convenience will make your suit purchase not only more economical but you will also love the advice that Andre and his team provide you.

Bring around your friends and/or groomsmen and get a group discount on your School Formal or Wedding Suits!