Men’s Suit Alterations


Business and more so wedding suits, particularly considering groomsmen are included, will often require alterations to end up with the perfect fit. The standard requirements are for:

  • Suit Sleeve Length Alterations
  • Trouser Waist Alterations
  • Trouser Length Alterations

What can also be required are suit jacket length adjustments; suit jacket waist alterations and whatever else is not comfortable or does not look right.

Andre J Menswear alterations are tailor-quality alterations! Suit alterations require to be completed with the same finish and quality that it had before the work was done. Do not risk your alterations by having them done anywhere other than where experienced tailors work. This is because once the job is done and your suit looks sub-standard, it will be too late!

Choose experienced suit alterations in Melbourne. Choose Andre J.